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A Magical Project for Christmas.


An advent calendar is one of the most charming Christmas holiday traditions. eBay adapted the tradition, gave it a digital interpretation, and used it to promote the business during the busy month before Christmas. The diary counts down the days until Christmas, and every day customers receive special offers.


The project required imagination, creativity, and the ability to take a well-known concept and grant it a digital, interesting, and unique interpretation with commercial value that will consequently create conversation and buzz.


Inspired by the traditional advent calendar that everyone knows and loves, we have created a digital and creative diary. We used holiday-themed animations that grab user’s attention and create engagement. Every animation represents a day in the thirty days before the holiday, and playing with each animation reveals the daily operation.


The design uses an easy-going and bright colored palette to reflect the brand’s friendly and approachable nature. Overall, the visual design is created from a broad perspective making the orientation of the website as intuitive and effortless as possible. We carefully curated content for each special event such as Christmas and the Super bowl, to expose users to new products. The user interface has been kept simple and highly intuitive to ease the visitors’ navigation through the website and assist in achieving business goals. The responsive website design ensures a consistent customer experience across all devices.

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