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AI, Intelligence, UI UX
Trilogical Loger
Fleet Management Made Smart and Easy


A smart and easy-to-use system that helps the user manage the vehicle fleet down to the smallest component of the vehicle. This system enables the user to view the condition of each sensor and moving part of the vehicle.


The train consists of thousands of sensors that need to be monitored. According to the conditions of the parts of the train conveyed by the sensors, the user needs to make quick and sometimes life-saving actions. The information from the many sensors causes an overload of data that creates a cognitive overload and might impair the swift judgment required from the user.


After studying the users and the variety of information that the user needs to obtain to make informative and fast decisions, we arranged the screen and information relayed from the sensors as layers of information that the user is exposed to at first glance. Only the most important information is visible, and the user needs to drill in to view the less important data. In addition, we used iconography at the appropriate places to reduce data overload as much as we can.

Mouse value: Our knowledge of cognitive overload comes into play in this system. We add this phenomenon in mind for the entire UX/UI concept creation.


The design includes the icons and the artwork that are in-sync throughout the system and create the right balance of colors: red, yellow, and green on a dark neutral background, highlighting the appropriate actions needed to be taken by the users. Every screen prompts the user to take an action, thus leading to another screen and hence higher engagement. We have crafted experiences that the users felt comfortable with, and that grant a sense of confidence, relief, and consistent guidance. Our custom-made illustrations bring the system to life and prompt better situational awareness.


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