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A System for Organizing a Family Vacation to the Disney Resorts.


In Disney theme parks, there are adjacent luxury resort areas – the Disney Resort hotels. We have created an app for resort guests that helps them organize their entire vacation: booking services, transportation, organization of the holiday, daily orientation at sites, and even access to know where their children are and how to communicate with them.


The main challenge in this project was the requirement for product simplicity – the app had to be very clear, easy to use, and appeal to a particularly wide target audience – from very young children to grandparents. Since the target audience is usually part of a family trip – the product appeals to all consumers.


Our goal for the project was to capture the magic of Disney in the app while focusing on simplicity and fun.

In order to meet these objectives, a broad user study was conducted to achieve a deep understanding of the users’ desires, their weaknesses, their needs, etc. Moreover, this project included vast and comprehensive usability testing.


The following designs are an extension of the friendly and dynamic identity of the Disney brand. The easy-going and bright color palette is a reflection of the brand’s friendly and approachable nature. We adopted a minimalistic approach while designing the interface of the application, making the app extremely intuitive for visitors and maximizing  their experience in the park. The color palette and the subtle UI elements represent the simplicity and friendly nature of the app making it more engaging and aesthetically appealing to its users.


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