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Cyber, UI UX
Your Cyber Defense Agent


A smart system that eliminates cyber threats against your organization with quick and swift actions. It allows the users to get the latest protection and evaluate the threat in real-time. It keeps the organization safe and clean of malicious activities.


The system conveyed a lot of information both in real-time and in retrospect. The navigation through the system was not intuitive as each screen displayed both relevant and irrelevant data and created confusion as to what is the correct information for the user to view and handle. This, along with a suboptimal user interface, resulted in a convoluted system for the user. Moreover, not fully synchronized components and functionality of the system impaired the user experience.


After thoroughly studying each part of the system, we identified the optimal functionality to use throughout the entire system. By using the same elements, we made a cohesive system that helps the user to accomplish their goals via the system. The appropriate information in each screen is highlighted in accordance with the part of the system the user is currently on and the navigation through the system is made to be much easier and intuitive.

Mouse value: Deep understanding of the psychology of the users and user experience and using this knowledge to help the user to orient himself and the needed information in the system.


The design uses dynamic yet flexible dashboards that allow the users to get the appropriate information they need. Bold color tones are effective in keeping the interface light and intuitive. The typography style ensures easy legibility. A new and fresh look for the system has been achieved by updating the design to match the new brand guidelines. The platform holds extensive data and numbers; therefore, we designed it to display plenty of white spaces and easy-to-understand tables and charts. The entire system has extremely simple iconography for increased relevance.

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